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Nine Years. - Gifts. $4.25 billion raised.

Nine Years.

- Gifts.

$4.25 billion raised.

Gift Impact

When the Lead by Example campaign publicly launched in 2015, we asked Aggies and friends of Texas A&M to imagine a grand vision for Aggieland—a vision in which our beloved university, guided by the values it holds dear, continued its evolution into a premier institution of higher learning.

During the last few years, Aggies and supporters remained steadfast in their commitment to make that vision a reality. Their endless enthusiasm, humbling generosity and undying dedication to the future of Texas A&M helped achieve so many positive outcomes for Aggieland.

Discover a summary of gifts to the campaign below.


All financial data from Jan. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2020.

Number of Gifts


Less than $1,000



More than $1 Million



Individual Donors


Corporate/Foundation Donors

Campaign Gift Allocation



Faculty & Research




Campus Construction






Who Gave to the Campaign?

Former Students








Private, Family & Other Foundations


“$4 billion is an impressive number, but it is the human impact that speaks greater volumes. I ask you to think about this campaign in terms of people. Think about the student who receives a scholarship that allows him to attend Texas A&M, and the doors his education will open for him throughout his life. Think of the children being born today who will enjoy longer, healthier lives thanks to Aggie-led research initiatives. Finally, think of future state, national and global community leaders who will make monumental decisions based on the values they were exposed to on Texas A&M’s campus.”

“The Lead by Example campaign has engaged more Aggies in support of Texas A&M than ever before in history. The loyal generosity of the Aggie Network throughout the campaign continues to make a difference for Texas A&M and for so many things we all hold dear as Aggies.”

“The Lead by Example campaign has been transformational for Texas A&M and our athletics program. The significant investment by donors has changed the landscape for Texas A&M Athletics and allowed us to attract top-quality student-athletes and leaders in coaching and administration. The partnership the 12th Man Foundation shares with The Association of Former Students and the Texas A&M Foundation is one that helps elevate Texas A&M to be a leader in all areas of higher education. This represents a deep source of pride for me and Aggies everywhere.”

New Endowments Breakdown




Scholarships & Graduate Fellowships


Faculty Chairs, Professorships & Fellowships


Other Endowments

*Includes those supporting student organizations, college-based programs and excellence funds, study abroad initiatives and the university libraries, among others.

Planned Gifts Raised During the Campaign

During the campaign, more than $1.1 billion was committed in planned gifts to date. These gifts, which account for 31% of total campaign funds raised by the Texas A&M Foundation, will play a crucial role in providing for the future of Texas A&M’s students, faculty, staff and programs. During the campaign, the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences received the highest commitments in planned gifts.

Projected Funds for Texas A&M from Realized Planned Gifts

This chart shows the anticipated funds Texas A&M will receive as a result of estate intentions over the next 30 years. Because of their long time horizon, planned gifts are an essential source of future support for Texas A&M. The popularity of planned gifts continues to increase, as these flexible commitments allow individuals to customize their method of giving, receive potential financial benefits and provide for loved ones, all while supporting Aggieland.

Texas A&M Faculty and Staff Contributions

More than - current and former Texas A&M faculty and staff gave more than $- Million toward the Lead by Example campaign.


Aggie students created massive impact during the campaign through volunteering.

Generation after generation, Aggies serve their communities and each other with a can-do attitude knowing that their commitment to giving back is part of what makes Texas A&M special. Selfless service is one of the university’s core values, but it’s also what being an Aggie is all about.

During the Lead by Example campaign, Aggie students dedicated nearly 12 million reported volunteer hours equating to a total monetary value of nearly $280 million. While this total is not reflected in the campaign’s $4 billion goal, it does demonstrate the difference Aggies make every day and the enormous value that students bring to their communities through compassion and service.

These totals were achieved using survey data collected from the entire Texas A&M student body, including answers directly related to student service hours and involvement in key leadership organizations (such as Big Event, Carpool and organizations in the Memorial Student Center). To approximate how many hours Aggies spent volunteering each year, adjustments were made for changes in student population. To calculate the dollar value of students’ volunteer hours, we used a number published by Independent Sector that posited the national average value of volunteer time as $25.43 per hour.

“The Lead by Example campaign has elevated Texas A&M to the upper echelon of our nation’s universities. Support raised through the campaign has helped shape the character of the university as a developer of 21st century leaders and empowered Texas A&M to unequivocally state that it is here for us today and for all future generations of Aggies.”

“During the Lead by Example campaign, Aggies proved once again that they love their university and are beyond generous. Because of this campaign, Texas A&M can continue to lead the nation in research, academics and selfless service for a long time.”

“Aggies saw many opportunities to make the world better through gifts for Texas A&M programs during the campaign, and they continued to make the world better despite the difficult challenges our nation faced this year.”

“No university in the world creates the passion and love for our university and for each other as Texas A&M does. That is why we give—so all our students can feel what we feel.”